Fans all over the world were treated to an awesome presentation by Activision, Infinity Ward and Xbox for the Multiplayer Reveal of Call of Duty Ghosts. Of course they focused on many points of the multiplayer from newer modes, guns, perks and gametypes, but one that stood out the most was the announcement of the Call of Duty World Championships returning in 2014 after the success Black Ops 2 had earlier this year.

Along side the return of the World Championships, which is presented by Xbox, it was also stated that Call of Duty Ghosts will be the Exclusive FPS and Flagship title of the 2014 Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. So all speculation on whether Call of Duty will stay at the top of FPS eSports have been put to rest as we see a strong future for the franchise in competitive play.

What do you guys think about the reveal of COD Ghosts already being apart of the MLG 2014 season? Let us know in the comments below.