Just released details about the annual Call of Duty was announced, and it was for the big package. Treyarch is calling it the Juggernog Edition, and this thing is HUGE. It comes with the game, season pass, “The Giant” – a remake of the zombie map Der Rise from the original Black Ops, and a full sized functional mini fridge. It’s a sexy looking fridge, and holds 12 cans. It’s a small fridge, but for the looks I will take the 12 pack.

The fridge is modeled after the Juggernog Perk-a-Cola dispenser from the Zombie mode. This is a big deal, and it seems to be Activision’s way of trying to get up on the game with Bethesda and their Fall Out 4 Pipboy Edition. It’s a huge package and offers some kick ass goodies inside. It even includes coasters!

The price has not been released, but stay tuned for more information.