Hello Minions! In a short but very super sexy sweet announcement during Sony’s Gamescom press conference; PlayStation, Gearbox Software, and 2K happily announce that Borderlands 2 will be coming to the PlayStation Vita.

The complete four-player cooperative game that allowed players to shoot and loot their way across the massive world of Pandora will be in the palm of your hands. All four classes we know and love – Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker, Axton the Commando, and Zer0 the Assassin – will be in the game and ready for you to explore the massive world of Pandora wherever you go.

No details on whether or not the latest four DLC packs will be part of the game, or if the Mechromancer or Psycho will also be included with the game. The only thing we know is that you can expect Borderlands 2 to blast its way on the PlayStation Vita sometime in 2014.

Can we get some f***ing crumpets up in this b**** to celebrate this joyous occasion?!

Source: PlayStation Blog