Astro adds to its premium video gaming equipment with its Tournament Ready line of audio products that enhances players experiences.  The lineup includes the A40 TR headset and TR Mod kit, which has additional parts that can be adjusted or replaced on the headset.  It’s almost like a mini garage for your headset so you can change the parts that suit your environment.  Whether its too noisy or extremely quiet, this set has all the parts you need to give you a great gaming session.  We got the opportunity to get some hands on with the headset as well as an interview with one of the lead engineers.

Our first impressions of the headset upon putting them on for the first time was amazing.  I thought the Astro A50’s were great but the leather ear pads on these headphones had the right amount of plushness and also had that perfect seal to block out a large amount of ambient sound.  The Astro Gaming booth was actually very close to the Twitch gaming booth, which had loud commentary booming from large speakers, but the headset blocked about 95% of it with no problem.  It could easily be a complete 100% if any content was being played through the headset.

Most of the headset is interchangeable with the parts that are included in the mod kit.  The Mod Kit includes a voice-isolating mic for better audio in noisier environments; Noise-Canceling Ear cushions to reduce background noise, closed-back speaker tags which utilize a silicone baffle to completely close the headset for greater noise reduction and a leather headand for additional comfort and style.  The mod kit and headset will see homes this fall and retail for $60 and $249 respectively.  For more on Astro and all things gaming, stay tuned to RTV.