Astro Gaming, announced that the new Tournament Ready (TR) series headset and mixamp are now available. The TR lineup includes a new and improved headset that is compatible with the new Astro Mod Kits, which is a collection of interchangeable parts that allow the headset to adapt to any gaming environment. Additionally, Astro’s new Gaming Mixamp Pro TR is an improvement to_H1A9934 the previous Mixamps, making it an essential piece of gaming hardware for serious gamers, live streamers, and pro players.

The Astro Gaming Mixamp Pro TR features include:

  • New digital circuitry delivering interference-free gaming
  • Less than 1ms delay time
  • Fully supports PC and Mac gaming with improved Voice to Game balancing
  • USB sound card connectivity
  • Customizable stream output
  • AUX input
  • Digital daisy chaining
  • Also compatible with every Astro headset

For the first time, the Astro Gaming Mixamp Pro TR works with the new Astro Command Center, which is a free downloadable software tool that will allow customization of every Mixamp TR setting, which allows you to create your own personal EQ profiles.

Finally, Astro Gaming Mod Kids can dramatically change the functionality of the Astro A40 Pro Gaming Headset, by making it the only headset out on the market that converts between closed and open back performance. Mod Kits make the headset much more versatile for pro gamers.

Check out the launch trailer below directly from Astro:

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