Astro Gaming has been a leader in the console audio game for quite some time now. Its been years since we saw a huge change from them, the addition of their new A38 Bluetooth Headphones showed Astro’s new look into the future of gaming. Just one year of Next Gen consoles and Astro is here with their Second Generation of audio peripherals.

Introducing the new A50 Wireless Headset for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. The A50’s have gotten a new paint job and new TXD wireless receiver, while still keeping that classic Astro feel and usability. The new A50’s will include Keernet 5.8ghz wireless technology, preset varied EQ modes designed to fit every gamers needs. The traditional uni-directional microphone delivers communication to your teammates by isolating your voice from any background noise in the room. The Astro A50’s were designed to be lightweight and comfortable for long gaming sessions, and if you want to catch a break, the A50’s rest on their very own stand!

The new Astro A40 systems have also gotten a slight upgrade – and they look awesome! The new A40 System for the PlayStation 4 will feature two colorways and a new slimmer and sleeker MixAmp pro. Astro Gaming has been working with audio and gaming professionals to provide pristine audio with Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound. The over-ear design is lightweight with breathable fabric on the ear cups to give you comfort through long game sessions. The MixAmp Pro allows you to adjust your game-to-voice ratio or use the stream output to capture your audio for livestream, which is an all new feature for the system. Now the Xbox One headset is a bit different. While the headset will be the same as the PlayStation 4 version, the MixAmp is now attached to your Xbox One controller, giving you all the navigation you need at the tip of your hands.

For more information such as release dates, prices and more – head over to Astro Gaming’s website.