It has been a few years since we have seen the Astro A30 headset get an upgrade or a specific change besides its color. Astro Gaming today announced its new A38 Bluetooth Headset, which just like the A30’s are compatible with PC, Mobile, and Tablets. The overall design really doesn’t look different, but the addition of the Astro star logo on the ear cups and button functions on both ear cups, makes the A38 feel like a complete new headset. The headset is currently being sent out to special affiliates for feedback and later fans can purchase a pre production model for a Beta price of $119 (original full retail price will be $229).

We hope to get our hands on a beta unit for ourselves but for now check out IGN’s unboxing video from CES.

If you wish to be notified on when to order a Beta unit of the A38, check out

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