Apple has finally accepted one of the iPhone’s biggest flaws, battery life; but even I didn’t see this one coming. The company has introduced its own Smart Battery Cover, and it looks hideous. It’s a slim profile charging case with a bulging battery sticking out making it look like the iPhone ate the battery.

The case is designed with the same silicon found on their other cases and allows you to just bend the top portion back, slide the iPhone in, meeting the Lightning connector, and bam your device is now charging. While the case is slimmer than a lot of the third party cases out on the market, the functionality just isn’t there.

Reviews on the case have already surfaced and a lot claim the case just charges the iPhone to 80% from 0. Mophies Juice Pack Air can double the battery life and then some. Also, most battery cases have a way to stop the charge and continue it later on, the Apple Smart Case doesn’t – the phone automatically begins to charge when inserted into the case.

It retails for $99 and while the functions aren’t there, it will sell because it’s an official Apple product, but I would rather still use a Mophie or carry around a bigger battery pack to charge my device and still save money.