Google has announced that Android Wear will now work with iPhone running iOS 8.2 or later (meaning iPhone 5 or later).  If you’re anything like me, you’re excited for this.  Do you dislike the way the Apple Watch is designed? Before you couldn’t exactly use your Android Wear watch without an Android phone. First off, if it’s great that they will now work with iPhones, but it only includes the newest Android Wear devices.  This means that your Moto 360, Zenwatch, Gear Live and LG G Watch are all going to be left behind.  The only watch that will currently work with iOS is the new LG Watch Urbane.

Google also has the app running all the necessary services that you need for your Android Wear device.  Google Apps like calendar, Google Now, Translate and the many others will all be in the one single application. This saves you the grief of all that additional headache of downloading them.  How many of you are going to use Android Wear with your iPhone?


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