On the eve of Cyber Monday, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos took to CBS’ 60 Minutes┬áto give its customers a little insight on the operations of their warehouses. While just introducing Amazon Fresh for delivery of food produce and the newly starting Sunday Delivery, currently in Los Angeles and New York City, jeff was in no hurry to introduce its latest innovation of Home Delivery. Amazon Prime membership already offers Free Delivery for 2-Day shipping which sometimes could be next day, all depending on if you are near an Amazon warehouse center. Amazon Prime Air is set to deliver your orders in 30 Minutes, yes that’s right, 30 minutes after you process your order online.

Jeff showed off the prototype flying drones that will be handling your purchased good and navigating it to your front door. Now this seems like it can goo all types of wrong with someone interfering with the drone and perhaps stealing your order, or having a drone enter urban areas where houses aren’t quite likely to be found. Now Amazon Prime Air sounds crazy, but what’s crazier is that Jeff has stated that Prime Air could arrive by 2015.

Check out the video uploaded by Amazon above as well as Jeff Bezos’ interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes.