If you have followed the competitive Call of Duty scene for quite some time then you might have heard of a team called OpTic Gaming. Starting as a YouTube community, their Professional Team has reached superstar status along with others like EnvyUs, Faze, FeaR and more. Machinima VS spent 72 hours with the Pro Team at last weeks Major League Gaming, MLG, Spring Championships in Anaheim and gives fans a first hand view of their lives and what goes on during the weekend.

Below watch a full 20 minutes of intense moments from OpTic Gaming taking down the best teams in the world and even being down themselves at times. Also, featuring some very familiar faces in the scene and one on one thoughts from the players themselves. This was a great mini documentary to watch and I hope more companies begin to do this with other teams and tournaments as it sheds light to many who might not understand this type of sport.

Video Courtesy of: Machinima VS