PS3 Holiday Guide

2013 was probably one of the best years for the Playstation 3 and as the holidays come ringing in, also come great deals on the games that made this console shine this year. Sure, the Playstation 4 has been out for a couple of days, but that also means that the games and other accessories and products are still rolling out. The next generation of gaming is here, but that doesn’t mean the previous generation is dead. Not by a long shot. In this list will be a wide array of games. Games I have experienced personally and other games I have not played but can highly recommend anyway. Games like rain and the Ico/Shadow of the Collossus collection I have not played, but I can’t help but make a recommendation for.


The “HD Collection” Series
Released: All through 2013
Rated E-M

Everyone loves remakes. Remasters. Everyone loves the nostalgia trips. The Hitman Collection, The Ratchet and Clank Collection, The Infamous Collection, The Samurai Warriors 2 HD Collection, The Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, The Rockstar Games Collection, The God of War Saga, The Jak and Daxter Collection, The Killzone Trilogy, The Mass Effect Trilogy, ALL warrant recommendations. All of them. There are just too many to count and too little time to talk about them all. Sony made these remakes and collections for a reason, and they need, nay, deserve to be revisited, replayed and reloved and these bundles DO NOT demand high prices.

The Last Of Us
A1dXfW1yPNL._SL1500_Released June 14, 2013
Rated: M 

Granted, this post-apocalyptic epic isn’t exactly going to bring cheer to your front door step, but it’s like reading a good book. You read it on the train and you get stuck on that one really good part. You miss your stop and you get off, and you feel really miffed for missing your stop, but at the same time feel really good because you got to read that part and you wouldn’t have missed it for the world. That’s this game. It’s like that one fine wine from 1798 France you’ve been searching years for and you finally find it, you buy it and you sit in front of your fireplace and sip the night away. That’s this game. It’s like a high class dessert from a fancy restaurant. It takes some slowing down. It demands that you take a moment to really enjoy how complex and satisfying it is, and you want more, and you’re happy when it’s finished. That’s this game.

81CxODiJ2wL._SL1500_Grand Theft Auto V
Released September 17, 2013
Rated: M

I just wanted to get this out of the way, because it’s really a no brainer. The game is epic on a grand scale and no other game can match the hype that this game has generated. No. Not even Pokemon. Just like the games before it, it is grand in scale and generated its fair share of controversy. The amount of things you can do will keep you busy for months on end and that’s not even counting the online component. Buy it for your gamer girlfriend, boyfriend, aunt, uncle….grandmother? Create wanton mayhem in a world that was made specifically for it. Just don’t buy it for a child. Please. It’s not good for them.

Bioshock Infinite
916jCHrzppL._SL1500_Released: March 16, 2013
Rated: M

Another no brainer from Ken Levine and the team at 2K Games. A must buy for any well established gamer, Bioshock Infinite takes you through the world of Columbia and thrusts you into a breathing living world fraught with corruption and destruction and even some time travel and inter-dimensional shooting and puzzle solving. Troy Baker does a wonderful job of introducing the “protagonist with a voice” that most gamers aren’t really used to. Courtnee Draper does a wonderful job as leading lady Elizabeth and with the leadership of Mr. Levine, they bring Columbia to life in ways never seen before in a video game.

51ruqW+oc0LDeadly Premonition: Director’s Cut
Released: April 30, 2013
Rated: M

Some games are so bad, they are unplayable. Some games are so good, you have to go back and play it again and again and again. This particular specimen is so bad, it’s good. Seriously. Deadly Premonition or Red Seeds Profile as it’s known in Japan tells one of the most cerebral stories of the previous generation. Francis York Morgan is assigned to investigate a string of deadly murders in a small town. You look for clues and hints in an open world, and you question suspects that lead you to its final bizarre denouement. If you look past the shoddy graphics, dipping frame rate, sub par control, less than stellar voice acting, and just…ridiculous gameplay, you find deep inside an intense thrill ride of a story. This game is almost a satire of the horror genre and it has a tendency to make fun of itself as well. It’s at a low price point with major retailers and I recommend it highly.

The Wolf Among Us
51Jt3pAI01LReleased: October 15, 2013
Rated: M
As stated in my rave review for this game, Telltale Games struck gold again and brought us a new imaginative world that just works. Bigby Wolf, together with a cast of familiar characters from story tales from all of our childhoods are seen in a completely different light and weave together a tale of choice and consequence. This game from the guys who brought us The Walking Dead is a must play for any gamer who knows a good story when they see it. Available not just on the Playstation 3, there is no excuse for anyone to miss this game. The garrish, striking art style pairs itself well with the story and characters in this dreary 1995-esque New York City.

Released:August 20, 2013
Rated: T

I am always up for a satire. A game that can make fun of other games and also itself. A game that knows what it is and is proud of it. Divekick does this expertly and with the utmost grace. Only two inputs are used in this game. A button to jump, and then another button to do a diving kick. The two simple little mechanics make for one of the most addictive fighting game experiences in a very long time. Go buy a PSN gift card for your buddy, buy this game and go all out. You will not be disappointed

713oNWCgknL._SL1500_Playstation Plus Membership Card

The piece du resistance. The ultimate gift for anyone who is into games and into free and cheap stuff. It comes in either 3 months for $14.99 or a full year for $49.99. The membership works across all 3 major Sony consoles and comes with great stuff like free games such as Soul Sacrifice for the Vita, Shadows of the Colossus, ico, ibb and obb, and Poker Night 2 and more…for FREE. Not to mention countless discounts on Add-On packs and other great games. Also, when your buddy rakes up enough coin to grace his or her living room with a Playstation 4, they can use the Playstation Plus membership to play Playstation 4 games online for FREE. You get so much bang for your buck, so run to your local Gamestop, WalMart, Toys R Us, or Target, grab a card, wrap it up, and hand it to your buddy this holiday. You wont regret it.

Below are some honorable mentions of amazing gifts by Sony that you should definitely consider for a friend. For more news and updates, especially on next generation, be sure to stay tuned to RTV.

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