The heavily awaited hero-shooter, Battleborn, from 2K and Gearbox Software announced its 19th and 20th characters: Attikus and Galilea. We had the chance to play a very early build of Battleborn at Pax last year and with new character announcements, the game is looking to be one of the best this year has to offer.

Here is a brief description of the new characters: for more info on them Click Here.

Attikus and Galilea are both up-close-and-personal brawlers, relying on bio-technology and dark energy, as well as good old fisticuffs and swords to strike down their enemies. Like all Battleborn heroes, Attikus and Galilea are available to play in both competitive multiplayer matches, as well as the game’s Story Mode – which can be played singleplayer, co-op up to 5 players, or 2-player splitscreen. Attikus is a slave, laborer, and warrior, who has been shoved into the deepest of mines and kept down. But thanks to an experimental biotech harness, this already-imposing brute was given the one thing no one expected: Intelligence. And the only thing more dangerous than a huge, imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors…is a smart imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors. Galilea, on the other hand, was once a promising undercover agent. But when her sabotage mission went wrong and she was mortally wounded, it was the very technology she sought to destroy that ultimately saved her life. Now unstable, immortal, and reeking of life-draining dark energy, Galilea is at war with herself and her new powers as she hopes to find a new purpose with the Battleborn and their fight to save the last star in the universe.

Battleborn will launch with 25 playable characters on May 3, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.