News on the internet broke out of Zack Snyder finally casting someone to fill the shoes as Dark Knight. That person, Ben Affleck. Now Ben will be playing the role of  Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming 2015 sequel to Man of Steel.  Ever since the film was announced to be released, the conversation was stirring up as to who could be the perfect fit as the next Batman and there were many candidates.  Of all of Hollywood’s hopefuls, ex-Daredevil Ben Affleck will encounter his toughest job yet. But what do we here at RTV think about this, check out our 2 Cents below and don’t forget to leave yours in the comments section.





Can you see it?




JC Taveras:
“Honestly, I’m not happy to hear about it.  I think there are so many other actors that can fill the role perfectly in my eyes like Gerard Butler (300/Olympus Has Fallen) or Nathan Fillion (Castle).  Don’t take away the shine from Ben Affleck; The Town is one of my favorite films that I could watch time and time again.  But based on his super hero performance in Daredevil, there was no saving that movie from any of the bashing and overly critical reviews.  This decision can either make or break the next movie and I really hope this doesn’t mess things up for Superman.”

Emmanuel Salazar:
“I should probably preface my thoughts by letting you all know that I have NEVER seen a Ben Affleck movie with the exception of “The Town”, a pretty good movie regardless of the fact that it is set in Boston. With that being said I don’t quite know how to feel about seeing a man that acted in “Gigli” and “Jersey Boy” as the caped crusader. From what I have heard he was decent as Daredevil, and his story, like Batman’s is dark and seeded in the never-ending search for justice. But again, I can’t disassociate the image of the clean-cut, Hollywood Prince Charming and attach that of the affluent playboy/philanthropist turned masked vigilante.”

Antonio Perez:
“I am just shocked to hear that Ben Affleck was chosen to be Batman for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. Even though he is an academy award winning actor he would not have been my first choice for Batman/Bruce Wayne, that my friends went to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With all that being said I do believe that Ben will embody the type of Bruce Wayne that Zack Snyder will be looking for in the upcoming sequel. Since Snyder is going with an older Bruce Wayne, Affleck is the best possible choice to play a seasoned crime fighting billionaire playboy. This older Bruce Wayne will go well with the young and inexperienced Clark Kent. My question however is how will Ben Affleck portray the Batman, the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader? How will he pull off the cape and cowl? Can he show us that Batman is the real Bruce Wayne, and not the billionaire playboy facade?”

Hannah Page:
“My prior experience watching Ben Affleck flex his acting chops is limited to his role as Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend in the celebrated chick flick He’s Just Not That Into You.  That being said, I remember his performance as at least passable, and — rounding the corner on 40 — the man certainly has a half scruffy/half distinguished look I could see Batman sporting.  Christian Bale, while inarguably a great fit for the part in the Dark Knight franchise, was in my opinion a little too clean-cut to play the tortured hero.”

Roberto Bayde:
“Oh the nerd rage begins. The man behind the death of the film Daredevil, will now wear the all famous dark knight suit as Batman. Yes im talking about Ben Affleck. But before everyone goes crazy, I would like to mention that Ben Affleck has done some pretty great films since Daredevil and though I am not fully committed to the idea of him as Bruce Wayne/Batman, I’m willing to give it a chance. I loved Affleck in Argo and it shows he can be a serious actor. We never believed Anne Hathaway could be Catwoman, then look what happened. I honestly don’t know who I would’ve chosen to play the Bats but i hope Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have some on screen chemistry. Look on the bright side, at least we know production will begin soon.”

Rudy Perez:
“Ben is the new Batman? I don’t care how horrible he may or may not be, but the memes are going to be hilarious to look at.  I think he’s a terrific actor, Daredevil wasn’t solely his fault. Lets just see how he does, from what I remember people hated Heath Ledger being picked as the Joker and look how it turned out. This movie unlike Daredevil has a good director and great producer in Nolan and Snyder.”

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    the memes are hilarious